About Milkwood Studios

We provide effective, long term physiotherapy solutions, Clinical Pilates and boutique equipment Pilates classes.




Janie MacDonald

B.App.Sc(Physio), MAPA

A physiotherapist with twenty years experience in the health industry, Janie firmly believes that the body is made to move, and has specialised for many years in movement and biomechanics. 

Janie discovered many years ago that the site of pain is often only the tip of the iceberg. Her methods acknowledge the link between the various body systems and address restrictions in all tissues of the body.

Janie continues to update her skills on a regular basis, staying abreast of the latest research and clinical knowledge to strive for optimum management of every client she sees.

Outside of the clinic, Janie loves to hang with her husband and three active boys. You'll often find them kicking balls around at the local park or hiking the walking trails close to their home.

To book a physiotherapy appointment, please see the bookings page or call us on 0412903103.


    Pilates is a little different at Milkwood. We are pedantic about technique and acutely aware of the needs and limitations of each client in every class. 

    Clinical Pilates:

    Clinical Pilates is for those who are rehabilitating from an injury, returning to exercise after a period of rest, pregnant or recovering from childbirth. It is also the best option for most over 65s. 

    Clinical Pilates clients will undergo a thorough assessment and often chose to have one or two private sessions before joining a group. Groups are limited to just 4 participants so we can offer you a new program every time you come in. This not only keeps it interesting but means both your brain and body get more out of your sessions.

    Pilates circuit classes:

    These sessions are for those looking for a whole body workout, with an emphasis on core strength. They are fun, challenging and no two classes are the same. Class sizes are limited to 6 participants so we can keep a close eye on your technique.

    If you are unsure which type of Pilates is for you, please give us a call on 0412903103.

    To book a Pilates class, please see our bookings page